Android Apps

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Recently in my brief free time I managed to figure out how to build Android apps. I have two apps ready to be deployed onto the Android Platform. So far I’ve submitted my .APK to the Amazon App Store, and the Google Play Store. What I’ve learned so far, is Amazon is picky to select […]

Extreme jQuery

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In the past months I’ve decided to invest most of my time learning new ways to use jQuery for simple functions as well as some advanced things. All I would have to say is that jQuery is not a hack it’s just a formal way of introducing JavaScript to web browsers to that the code […]

Switched Hosting Companies.

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Recently I switched over all of my websites to a new provider, so if any glitches come us I will do my best to update or repair errors. Thanks for reading my blog there will be more posts coming in the future.


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After watching a lot of people always click the wrong link I was thinking about possible solutions to this. I thought I can extend mobile clickable states by adding a larger clickable area and adding a down state that shows that the user has clicked on the correct link. Click Here to download the jQuery […]

Android 3.2 App Building.

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I’ve been learning about the Android SDK and how to go about building a simple .html and .css app into the Android Platform. So far I’ve tried Phone Gap a great open source platform for building html/css apps in native UI for different devices. I used Phone Gap for building my iOS apps and it […]

Your next App

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In my mind I always happen to be thinking about the next best thing. The one thing I can add do to push me over the top and become a well known App developer. I have created some interesting apps over the past year and a half and now I’m trying to think of new […]

My iPad app goes live in the App Store.

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Exciting day today as my app joins the largest app store in the world joining the other 250,000+ apps available on the Apple iPad and iPhone. Healthy Cook is an awesome cook book you should see what it looks like in the App Store. Try it out if you have an iPad and Download a […]