Broadcasting an Online Show.

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So recently I attempted to broadcast an online show on the website. The show consisted of me playing a couple of songs on my guitar and attempting a couple of covers requested by people in the chat room. Getting people to visit the show however poses a hard challenge in engaging a user to […]

The New Frontier of HTML5

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Much like HTML 4, HTML 5 will take a long time likely before being adopted online, but why not get a jump start on coding in it today. If your a beginner to HTML 5, and you understand HTML 4. You probably code everything with div tags. “5” simplifies the div to have a name. […]

My Favorite iPhone Apps

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I find myself trying mostly the free apps on the iPhone to see what they are like before buying them most of the time. I’m going to make this a two part post. Suggesting free apps and paid versions. My top 3 free apps are: TwitBird (Twitter App) This new Twitter app uses the lists […]

Brand New Design for 2010

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My first post on my new HTML5 worthy website. I think that this year the adaptation of wide screen monitors will change the look of the web and make web pages more percentage based like this one. I hope you come back frequently and see the changes I have made to the template and design. […]