2010 was the beginning of a new type of Internet experience with capabilities of HTML5 and JQuery.

It’s now possible to make a web page into an interactive, dynamic, application.

I have seen the other side of what is possible with the newest browser technologies, and it is very neat and exciting. I’m working on some exciting projects this year. I’m trying to build a universal app that works in all app market places.

I was reading about how 2011 is supposed to be booming for app development and developers. Somewhere between 4 – 6 Billion dollars is projected to be the market for apps. If I play my cards right I might have a successful application to deploy in one of the biggest Internet markets since the late 90’s.

I wasn’t really able to make any money online except for making websites previously. Which is a lot of work, and in the end you don’t know if the site will get any exposure at all.

So far I’ve made five web apps for the Chrome Web Store which in 2 months the traffic has equaled what my site has in 6 months.

I like the visibility of apps, and the ability to make profits for hard work in making them.

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