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Just finished the updates to the new BucketShare! Mobile framework. This is very exciting, because it actually looks like my intended vision is actually happening.

If you don’t know about BucketShare! it’s a social networking website that is for completing things you want to accomplish in one lifespan.

As you complete them, you can cross them off your profile fields, just as if it was a virtually bucket list of things you want to do.

I’m currently waiting for Apple’s approval to the iPhone Web Apps feature page which is exciting because the site might take off with many new mobile users. BucketShare! is an exciting way to meet other who may have a common interest in doing something they haven’t tried yet.

Since launching the site back in 2008, I’ve been able to say I’ve tried Sushi and Beef Jerkey, and been to Paul Revere’s House, JFK Library, and I plan on trying indoor rock climbing in the future because I’ve been pretty busy.

I was hoping to attract more active members that update their profile with exciting things they might want to try.

I do know that there are a lot of mobile sites / apps that feature updating and posting and community sharing in similar fashion.

This site is different in the sense your sharing data of things you want to do, or things you might want to try.

I always come up with interesting ideas of things I would like to jot down for later use or memory. It would be incredibly useful to have somewhere I could check back in semi-frequently to update or revisit just to try to accomplish those goals.

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