So I have been part of the Blackberry Dev Alpha C device testing program which is really neat. It’s pretty interesting to be part of a program before the general public is using it.

Blackberry also gave me a free ticket to Blackberry live in Orlando, FL I was unable to attend due to the last minute invite. I was honored they invited me though. I think Blackberry has a lot of ambitions plans but it’s hard to imagine me taking such a large gamble on just Blackberry. I feel like it’s cool to have a Blackberry app but it’s just 5% of the market at best and I really should appeal to the other 95%.

Until things change in the mindset of developer I think Blackberry is going to have to persuade developers more to accomplish what they are trying to do. However when the 2014 Developer plan of integrating apps into cars, and more tablets I think there will be many more app contests and developer treats.