Web servers power all of the internet which in the past the more web servers you have available the better your business the larger your site.

Today with cloud computing your site can radically change in size based on how much usage you pay for. So if your site has 200,000 visitors or just 20,000 you can pay for usage as opposed to the old way of paying for each server which can be expensive and often not so useful based on traffic.

Servers like MAMP, LAMP, and WAMP are an industry standard.

Based in different languages for different Operating Systems.

The new model for Operating Systems could be cloud based browser as released in late 2010 with Jolicloud and Chrome OS.

These new laptop’s essentially connect to the internet and save files online instead of two your desktop. The internet powers these computers and allows the user the ability to access their files anywhere from any computer because the files are saved online.

What does that mean?

It means you can spill coffee on your laptop destroying the computer and have the ability to recover all your files instantly by logging into a new machine because all your settings and files are saved online.

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