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Recently in my brief free time I managed to figure out how to build Android apps. I have two apps ready to be deployed onto the Android Platform.

So far I’ve submitted my .APK to the Amazon App Store, and the Google Play Store.

What I’ve learned so far, is Amazon is picky to select apps until now it seems to be easier to get selected into their store and they support more devices than you think as but you can also develop just for tablets or just for the Kindle.

Google on the other hand has a very simple way of uploading and creating your app in the play store you simply write a description and then upload photos and you .APK file.

In short the Google Play upload is similar to iOS and you have to have a secure token in your APK for the Google Play Store which took a few minutes to figure out how to do that.

Now that I have two apps in two Android stores I’m wondering how long it will take to make enough money to pay for the developer fees associated in signing up. So far after one week in I am still in the negative numbers. I’ve read online that 97% of Android Apps are free so there is no market worth making cool apps for.

I’m really not sure if I will make the Application fees back, but I do think it’s kind of neat to say my App is now supported on 1,800+ devices.

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