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In time the genius developers have found a simple solution through open source code projects to build iPhone apps using technology that the web is powered by today.

  1. Since the iPhone platform came out I’ve been thinking about building something just to understand how it works and see how Apps can be made and designed.
  2. I already understand HTML, CSS, and JS and don’t really want to spend the time and effort learning the Coco and Objective C- language.
  3. When I saw that some developers have started building Apps using HTML5 and other languages it really excited me that I could make something cool. I was actually waiting for Adobe’s CS5 which supported Flash output for iPhone to come out, but since Apple shot down Adobe’s software I have decided to build an App based off of web code.


An iPhone app to my knowledge using the Jqtouch and Phone Gap method pretty static using HTML with calls for the web through form action and external javascript api (json calls)

It looks pretty simple to make a book or some kind of static maybe resume app with a form that calls the internet to post data somewhere.

I’m not quite sure yet how to update or load a feed through JSON or Jqtouch frame work.

I’m considering buying building native iphone appsJonathan Stark’s book by O’reilly.

Any comments / solutions or ideas, leave one below.