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ipad readyOn April 4th 2010 the iPad went on sale to the public. My father wanted one so bad it was almost as bad as I wanted a Nintendo Wii in 2007 which only a few friends had because they stood in a line. They were sold out of Wii’s for a year.

Sorry to go off-topic well anyway, my father went into the Apple store in Atlantic City, New Jersey while we were on vacation and he bought one. I saw my dad’s face light up like he had just won some major award kind of like when Ralphie’s dad opens that box in a Christmas Story.

So before I can continue with this story I should probably tell you another story. My dad was the one who got me into computers I think the first time I used a computer it was probably because my dad thought flight simulator was amazing with the one green color shapes for planes and the way it seemed like it might simplify your life.

My dad was on the brink of technology back in the late 80’s – early 90’s he had laptops and computers that were as large as desks. I remember him telling me that his boss wanted him to go down to dell and buy a computer just so he could get some computer skills and teach others what he learned. What a sweet deal and easy way to learn about computers. There really wasn’t any classes on computers back then well at least like there are today, and what better way to learn than just get out there with a hands on approach.

That brings us to today it’s strange the reaction that people have to computers that are not so traditional with meaning mouse and keyboard. I remember my dad specifically saying why would you want to use a touch screen. It’s just not easy to adapt. Some how Apple managed to market a new product that didn’t overwhelm my dad to learn how to adapt to. I was kind of shocked to hear that my dad wanted one so bad back in January when Apple announced that their new product.

After seeing others use it you kind of think it’s just a large iPhone or something, but really it is a computer with all the same bells and whistles. It just is touch sensitive and can play music, surf the web, email, read books, and many more things. I guess it kind of boggled my dad all the things it could do. What I noticed was the speed out of the box it was probably the fastest web browsing experience I’ve ever seen. My mother mentioned it was very easy to read on, and if the print was too small she could pinch in to make it appear larger unlike her old computer.

I guess after all the hype I might see where these new devices may go in the future. I’m guessing this really ups the bar for Amazon’s Kindle and the Barnes and Noble’s Nook. I’ve also heard about the Slate or something like that which is HP + Microsoft’s future device which will probably mimic a lot of Apples iPad’s features.

It’s fun to see something so new get so much hype. It was fun to be apart of getting the coolest new high tech device.