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watch my show online

So recently I attempted to broadcast an online show on the website.

The show consisted of me playing a couple of songs on my guitar and attempting a couple of covers requested by people in the chat room.

Getting people to visit the show however poses a hard challenge in engaging a user to pencil me into their schedule.

I did market the show using social media tools like twitter, facebook, and my website.

I’m thinking more advanced notice, hype using advertising possibly graphics, and a more desirable time slot during the week might help out with the overall popularity of the show.

Moderating the users also seems like quite the task as well. So while I was trying to entertain I had to kick someone from the show who was being unruly. It appears to be quite the task to run an online show epically with a guitar in your hand.

So here is a simple guide I would suggest if you wanted to try to produce your own online show.

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