Beginning this year I thought it would be quite a year in development. It sure has come far. The open source community has been hugely successful for anyone in development this year.

I’ve learned many new things and create some things I am very proud of. I hope next year is just as successful as this one.

At the beginning of the year I was published in three App Stores. As of today I have an app in 11 app stores, and have been able to learn various platforms, debugging skills, and valuable techniques in the new world of apps.

I thought this year might be more about build apps for cars, or refrigerators however this year in my opinion was all about expansion of platforms. There are so many platforms to build and adapt for. It’s a very interesting thing build for an up and coming platform like Google Glass or seeing if your app runs the same on Windows 8 and Tizen.

As for next year I hope to break into more platforms and learn more valuable skills I can use in my day job, as well as apply to my fun app development.

Smartwatches, Smart Glasses, Cars, and Refrigerators. Here we come 2014!