So I’ve known about the new Chrome Apps for Desktop since the beginning of this year, but now that they are apart of the stable version of Chrome I’m thinking of finally tackling this project.

I have started to be more careful about using unstable versions of Chrome Dev, and Canary builds. I have found them to be neat and exciting and sometimes work better than the stable build, however the change very frequently and makes it difficult to use on a daily basis unless of course I worked for the Google Chromuim team (they are some nice guys by the way).

The process in upgrading manifest.json files and rewriting part of my apps to the new specs is kind of complex sounding. The manifest 2 documentation also seems to be confusing. A lot more runs in the background to save Chrome memory, and to be more on demand apps all though the user never knows it. The structure of tapping into any type of Chrome API seems to be more like Facebook with the premise always subject to change and might be phased out at some point and then rewritten. It’s hard to migrate I’m trying to support the 20,000 users I have on the Chrome platform which next year will be a phone and tablet as well, so I have a lot to catch up on.

If anyone has any migration guides or blogs for Chrome Apps from older manifests, please let me know.