Web Site Wireframe

My first post on my new HTML5 worthy website. I think that this year the adaptation of wide screen monitors will change the look of the web and make web pages more percentage based like this one.

I hope you come back frequently and see the changes I have made to the template and design.

If you’re not using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox you may not experience the full potential of this website so please try a different browser, but if your lazy this site will work with all IE versions and Opera.

I do support web standards. I think that phasing out older browsers will help improve new exciting features online like HTML5 video and offline storage.

I’ve dabbled with HTML5 it finding some useful things. Basically I set up an HTML framework to support future standards and and new built in browser tags.

There will be much more exciting news here in the future. The design of this site allows for more exciting posts and more up to date content.

So check back soon for more important updates and some cool interactive posts.