I’ve been working on writing my own Google Chrome Extensions.

First of all it is very easy to create an extension after watching some of the tutorial videos Google provides, and some of the neat YouTube Videos.

I also liked the examples they have on code.google.com which lets you play with some of the extensions that Google wrote.

My extension is for Web Developers. I find that while making country website I often convert into Unicode characters so you don’t need the Japanese font library to see the character.

With my extension you can convert special characters into unicode and it’s that simple. Just make sure your meta type it set to UTF-8 and you should be all set.

Please test this out I’m not sure if the copy to clipboard works in all builds and OS versions of Chrome. It didn’t seem to work on Windows 7 but worked on Windows XP.

I might also add addition features like a Unicode Character Map.

Unicode Converter

Unicode Converter – Chrome Web Store

Please feel free to leave comments and issues you might come across.

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