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I’ve been reading a lot of information about 4k TV’s and how they are supposed to change the TV viewing world. The whole 4k / OLED screens are pretty much the same as the retina devices we have today except on a way bigger screen. It also seems that using my iDevices at the same time with my current LCD TV makes me more interested in the iDevice based on the fact that the screen in much more colorful.

March 2013 we are supposed to see the first 4k TV’s and I am interested, but we also must know that our HD receivers do not have the same high resolution¬†quality as 4k so the 4k TV’s will be sort of unconverted to fit the screen size adding to the problem. It basically seems that the upgrade might be the same problem that was presented in 2000 with the HD upgrade that 4k might not actually be rolled out until later in the 2010’s like maybe 2015.

Which in unfortunate because I don’t necessarily like feeling glued to my iDevice but it looks better and more colorful. ¬†I’m also thinking apple and google might have some new TV’s or product that might be an exciting this year.

So as soon as March comes I will travel to a local electronics shop to find out more about the 4k but I’m not sure if I’m convinced, there is also the option that the LED TV’s will be much cheaper in March with the launch of 4k.