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Web Design Toolbox
  1. Staying Organized and on top of daily work and projects.
    Don’t let your work load overwhelm you. I’ve been using minitask for a month and was able to finish more work and keep track of projects and day to day things a lot easier. It runs on your desktop using Adobe Air which is a free application framework by Adobe. Check it out.
  2. Keep your desktop clean, and bookmarks organized.
    I created multiple folders based on the types of projects I have to work on. Inside the project type folder I have three folders based on the status the projects are in. This system works for me. It might not be for everyone. I recently switched over to Google Chrome and the new bookmark syncing feature is great because I don’t have to import/export bookmarks. They are all there right on my computer and download from the Googleplex. Try out. Google Chrome
  3. Writing Code
    So I prefer to write code using Notepad++ on a PC and Espresso on a Mac. I find that both are useful, but very different. They both have some unique features that make them interesting. I like notepads color coding, search and replace, ease of use, and how fast it loads up on all windows machines. It is also pretty easy to change the font and size of the code for the coder who can’t see too well. Espresso on the other hand has color coding a unique visual look on how your html is formatted inside of each other. Preview button and I’m sure much more. I’m still learning how to use it. The one Mac program that seemed almost identical to Notepad++ for the Mac was BBedit which has almost the same functionality and similar look and feel, but however I have not figured out how to get any of these editors to work with simple shortcuts so I have been playing with my own simple Chrome extension called “Chrome Editor” which runs on the Google Chrome platform it works well with the dev version of Google Chrome. I have tons of simple and easy shortcuts that help prompt a user to code a webpage in probably under 5 minutes after they know what they are doing.
  4. Editing Photo’s Fast and Painless.
    I’ve been using this really quick editor that is online called pixlr it allows layers and most of the same standard tools as Adobe’s Photoshop. I like how fast it is and it doesn’t take up a lot of resources. There also is a plugin for Mozilla’s Firefox
  5. Code References
    Sometimes the best ways to write code is by seeing how others have made things work in their samples online. I also like to check valid resources and live working examples on and
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