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To go forward you must know the history of what happened in the past.

I’ll be brief saying that back in the 90’s there were only two or maybe three browsers. Which Internet Explorer would become the most popular really only because of it’s ease of use factor which mostly meant because I’m on a Microsoft computer why not trust them and use there web browser.

Today things have really changed if you’re surfing on your desktop you might use 1 of the 8 or so Web browsers out there freely distributed online to navigate the web.

With the real launch of mobile phones browser in 2009. There are now browsers on our phones that support smaller screen resolutions for quick view and less imagry.

So basically Internet Explorer is not the standard anymore. It’s funny to see that Microsoft won’t even support there own OS with the adaption of Internet Explorer 9 this week in a bizare move to migrate customers to Window 7.

I’m really just wondering what these handheld device makers want from the web developers. I mean developing a device for each new device seems to be the pattern even with the announce of touch tablets.

I would like to see on interchangable format for mobile, web, tv, and tablet.

I even tried to develop this website to be friendly with most platforms, OS’s and format.

I can’t wait till HD websites are all over the web.