I was accepted into the Firefox OS development platform and I did convert an HTML5 app to run pretty seamlessly. I wasn’t able to figure out how to publish apps to my Firefox OS phone, however the emulator built into Firefox was pretty easy to use after setting up the emulator.

It’s somewhat of a familiar way to build an app as it’s almost a very similar process to building a Chrome App, which has a config file that’s basically a json file called manifest.webapp which loads in your app with preferences.

I did see that the custom font wasn’t working in Firefox OS, which might have been a non .woff based font so I reverted to a native font. Some spacing was a little different too so I adjusted margin sizes.

It’s been 6 days waiting to be reviewed to get my first Firefox OS app into the store.

Hopefully I’m accepted.

Any comments, have you built a Firefox OS app or regular Firefox App?