In my mind I always happen to be thinking about the next best thing. The one thing I can add do to push me over the top and become a well known App developer.

I have created some interesting apps over the past year and a half and now I’m trying to think of new ideas to target a new audience that will be the go to app in a niche market.

Some of the ideas I have come up with are unique, robust, and unusual. In the end I happen to ask myself a lot would someone pay for that? Is that worth the $1.99 or the number to make an App and possible make profit. Angry Birds is the most popular multi-platform game it really took a big chance putting out such a high quality game for only .99 cents. I think if I had a team working with me I could be 10x more successful in the App world but only receiving divided profits among the team.

All in all I like building Apps as a one man army, and offering unique experiences to users who may be interested in purchasing my next great app.