I’ve hit a cross road making apps as it has been lucrative and enriching as I continue to create Android / iOS apps that have been submitted into 6 app stores (Nook, Amazon, Apple, Google Web and Android, and Blackberry.)

Where do I go from here? As a developer I like to think about pushing my apps into more platforms and audiences, but as a career move I’m thinking more about can I make a Windows 8 app or maybe a GM or Ford App.

Who knew that 2013 would have a new outlook for developing exciting and useful tools or games this year.

There is also some open source gaming consoles that were mentioned on some technology blogs where I could possible look into building my games on so you can control the game from a joystick.

I’m also trying to support the many apps I’ve already created by updating them or offering support to the many new users who buy an app. It sometimes feels harder to move ahead and build something new when I’m supports over 950+ users who have bought a paid app from me.

Stay tuned as I figure out my goal for this year and see where my development skills or expertise will go.

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