The tablet seemed to be something I would have laughed at 5 years ago.

It would have referred to a device where you usually have to use a stylus otherwise known as a digital pen to draw or better yet select something on screen to act as a click.

Today however things have changed drastically.

With the new push for everyone to be mouse free and more hands on. The tablet with it’s unique experience and fast speeds and easy portability is beginning to make much more sense than it ever had before.

I’ve tried the Motorola Zoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and the Apple iPad 1 and 2.

From my perspective the Apple iPad does seem to be very slick with some neat video features and the list of apps to try is incredible. It is very fast and for the most part never seemed to crash or experience any lag over wifi. I had not tried the 3g or 4g iPad. I would assume the speed would be fast.

The Galaxy Tab was my favorite for the Android because of the tiny size yet large print. I also thought it’s weight didn’t seem to much to cary and was easy to use one or two hands. Two hands was easier and it didn’t seem like I needed to rest it on anything. The typing far surpassed the iPad it was super fast typing by sliding you finger over different keys. It was fun and unique compared to many other tablets. I did happen to try the 4g connection and was pretty blown away at the speed and service that Verizon was able to provide the Samsung Tab. I was a bit bummed I couldn’t call anyone on it. It has a 4g card and the ability to be on the web from anywhere. It did look like you can possible upgrade to a Verizon phone app or service but I was just using it as a trial for my company.

One of the major differences between Android and iPad was the free applications. It appeared to me that there were tons or more interesting free apps for the Android. I wanted to try out a bunch of iPad apps, but I wan’t sure what I was buying it would be great it there was a trial period for these apps kinda like the Chrome Web Store where you have 30 mins to try out your apps before getting charged.

I plan on building out my first iPad app in the near future, and possible releasing a Android app after that.

The tablet future is bright, and I think it’s better than the laptops that so many people own.