my favorites

Music Sites

This website is essentially the online version of Guitar Hero, which uses flash to sync the dots to your keyboard.  You can also use your Guitar Hero controller with a USB adapter.

The future of music online is at LaLa I think it’s interesting how you can just pay a dollar for an album to be streamed to you and you can listen as many times as you want.  This website was recently bought by apple and it is essentially iTunes online.

This website has fairly accurate tabs to play 1,000’s of songs on guitar.

News Sites

Well the layout of the website grew on me.  I do check in almost everyday to see what the top news story is which can sometimes be useful, because I’m in Boston everyday.

Google News

If you get bored online and want to read something entertaining about technology or what might be happening in the world I tend to drift onto google news.

Blog Sites

I like the content written in most of these posts.  More than half of the stories tend to be useful for Web Designers.

I did enjoy reading the tech articles that seemed to be very geeky.  About how to do things geeky and vintage geek tools, or fun geek out foods.

Social Networks
So I don’t tend to write much on Facebook, but I think it’s much more interesting to see what others are posting.  I might check it twice a day, does that make me an addict?

I do like twitter, and I think it can be very useful for finding information fast about various interests, but I still feel like I’m tweeting into outer space where no one can hear me.

Most of the time I find myself on YouTube and not signed in for suggested recommendations, but if I was however I think I’d have watched a ton of videos.  I like the way some of the users broadcast their perspective of the news.  I don’t think I could produce a high quality show like some users on the site so consistently and still have time for other things, but it sure is entertaining.


I find my self googling for code references and CSS examples, and the W3 searches high on google.  I do check in on their progress pretty often.