Just so you know these are in no particular order, and most of these are up and coming bands you’ve probably never heard of.

5. The Sea Captains – Hailing from Maine these guys put on a good show. I recently saw them perform at TT the bears in Cambridge. Their music is upbeat and fun gets you in a real party mood. I like the songs “It’s Your Rhythm” , “Lonely All the Time” , and “Evil”.

4. Love in Stockholm – One of the Funkiest Jazz influenced bands I’ve heard that actually sound awesome. Apparently it seems like they draw a large crowd too. I’d probably like to go to a show when they play Cambridge or Allston again.

3. Chris O’Brien – This guy sounds like he has been playing guitar for a long time. He sounds very similar to other artists I’ve listened to. Chris sounds like a serious artist with his meaningful lyrics, and raspy voice.

2. Oneside – These guys happened to practice at the same place as my band. They have a real awesome banjo player. I’ve heard them practice countless times. They really cram a lot of guys into those small rooms at the music gym. They have a large sound.

1. Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers – So I’ve kind of lost touch with the newer songs which I think I’m going to listen to them now, but I have managed to see them perform 8+ times. I haven’t seen any other band as many times. I’ve met Stephen and I had him sign their previous album 2007’s “Glass Jaw Boxer” they have been on a couple of different labels and are now traveling all over the US to promote their album, but they always manage to come back to Boston to play one of the best live shows I’ve seen.