watch my show online

So recently I attempted to broadcast an online show on the website.

The show consisted of me playing a couple of songs on my guitar and attempting a couple of covers requested by people in the chat room.

Getting people to visit the show however poses a hard challenge in engaging a user to pencil me into their schedule.

I did market the show using social media tools like twitter, facebook, and my website.

I’m thinking more advanced notice, hype using advertising possibly graphics, and a more desirable time slot during the week might help out with the overall popularity of the show.

Moderating the users also seems like quite the task as well. So while I was trying to entertain I had to kick someone from the show who was being unruly. It appears to be quite the task to run an online show epically with a guitar in your hand.

So here is a simple guide I would suggest if you wanted to try to produce your own online show.

  1. Have a computer and I high speed broadband connection.
  2. Have some kind of talent like singing dancing or debating an issue.
  3. Try to convince your friends to watch because to start something like this it’s nice to have some support by people who know you.
  4. Build some banners or some kind of strategy online to drive traffic to the show. I tried twitter and facebook, but I might try to post on a specific forum or audience to promote clips of the show or what the show might be about so people might be engaged more than a static ad online. I haven’t tested this theory yet though I plan too.
  5. I might request some more friends to pitch in and help me with my marketing campaign (*hint hint) having more resources can help the popularity of anything online. It seems like the internet is just one big place that is all about connections. With the way things turn viral so fast I come to the conclusion that it might not take all that long before something like this might possibly catch on.

In conclusion I might attempt to do another online show because it costs nothing to put one together it seems, but engaging a specific audience seems to be a difficult task. Any suggestions feel free to leave a comment below.