As for the new flexible phones I think it’s a great idea as it can be hard to hold devices with one hand, and have a coffee in the other while keeping my balance on the train.

The whole Google Glass experiment is interesting, I’m not sure what it will end up being. I don’t know if I would personally want one at this moment in time. I would like to build some Glass Apps that might be neat like give everyone you look at while wearing glass a mustache or something lol.

There is a new Wii, Xbox, and PS3. Competitor and it’s based on an Android OS which isn’t surprising and uses the Unreal engine which is really new. It’s called OUYA which is a Kickstarter funded project. It’s interesting because you can build apps that run on a real gaming machine. OUYA is $100 dollars and is available in June but who knows what it will be like it’s an interesting concept and a great price. If it’s easy to make some cool game work with it I might but one before developing for this. It’s almost like the games might have to be really good for the device succeed.

Just some interesting thoughts leave a comment.